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Solar Powered Cooling Solutions For Storage and Distribution of temperature sensitive Agricultural Products

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Cold Storage Network

solar-powered cold chain solutions for fruits, vegetables, milk, fish, and fresh meat. 

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    Walk In Coldrooms

    We build and operate commercial cold storage solutions for fruits, vegetables, fish, and freshly cut meat. These solutions which we call the Coldbox Store are deployed in rural Agro communities, farm clusters, and food aggregation centers in order to prevent food spoilage and waste. Farmers and vendors are free to visit any of our cold storage facilities and store their perishable goods. We operate a cooling as a service model so they merely have to pay to use the cooling solutions daily, weekly or monthly. These cold rooms can increase the shelf life of fish and meat from a few hours up to a year. Also, they increase the shelf life of fruits and vegetables such as the tomato from 2 days up to 3 weeks.

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    Harvest Aggregation and Distribution

    Every commercial cold storage facility we operate is also a fresh produce aggregation center. Hence, we are strategically positioned to offer procurement as a service to food businesses, restaurants, processors or any individual who requires consistent supply of temperature sensitive farm produce in huge volumes. This prevents surplus food in the first mile aggregation centers while there is scarcity in non food producing areas.

    Food businesses can order fresh produce from farmers in rural communities through us and we ensure that the produce gets to its final destination at the expected quality. This is possible because we provide cold storage and haulage services that helps prevent spoilage and maintain quality from farm to table. 

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    Offgrid Solar for Sustainaibility

    The ColdBox store is 100% solar-powered as it has been optimized for off-grid rural environments where most small farms are located. However, they are also deployed in urban environments where electricity bills may be too expensive for farmers and vendors. Up to 90% of Operational costs for commercial cold storage solutions go into energy bills. This high operational cost is why small farmers and vendors do not invest in cold storage. Powering the ColdBox store with off-grid solar significantly drives down operational costs. Hence, the shelf life of perishable agricultural products is improved without incurring huge operational costs


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